"When beauty in results is denominated by experience and perfect aesthetics"

Marikaiti, 32 years old
«I can still remember all of my fears, that I might not like the final result. What could I say now… the best gift I have ever done to me!»
Theoni, 43 years old
I could only describe Dr. Konstantoglou as a true artist. My eyes look and feel like eyes. The time he spent with me before surgery made a terrific impression on me! Such understanding and calmness, I cannot describe it…You won me from the first moment!

Dr. Savvas Konstantoglou – Plastic Surgeon

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Dr. Savvas Konstantoglou is a well-known and recognized plastic surgeon that lives in Athens, Greece and has studied plastic surgery in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, by the side of Dr. Pitanguy.

Dr. Savvas Konstantoglou specializes in aesthetic surgical operations in the areas of the face, as well as rhinoplasty, breast and silhouette surgeries.

The term “plastic” surgery derives from the ancient Greek word “πλάθω” (“platho”) which means reform, shape and give a form, carve a figure.

The plastic surgeon shapes, forms the figure of the face and body for its orderly operation and its impeccable image and aesthetics.

Our goal and purpose of life is the confrontation of any medical issue, may it be from birth or acquired, that you may have undergone in your life.

Our up-to-date and state-of-art equipment combined with our excellent services and our top medical materials are going to leave you totally satisfied.

You are welcome to visit us or arrange an appointment, to consider and discuss your special and tailor-made, completely according to your needs and demands, medical treatment or surgical operation.

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