Dr. Konstantoglou has been trained three times in International Courses of Silhoutte Lift in Barcelona, Spain.

Silhouette Lift & Silhouette Soft as long as PDO absorbable threads are methods that are performed as a bloodless clinic lifting.

With thin absorbable threads with a small needle and flexible bi-directional cones, an elevation of tissue is performed only under local anesthesia in an hour in the office. This way, the fall of facial skin, neck, double chin, the cheeks and brows, is restored.

The innovation lies in the idea that an internal stitch can erect a piece of skin and secure it in its new position. Essentially for this purpose, especially designed threads are used, which thanks to their tiny bumps rectify the skin upwardly.

They are inserted through tiny passages without even the need of an incision. Sometimes you need more than one entry at a point in order to achieve the desired result. The facelift is completed and the recovery is achieved while ensuring the new skin placement. During the next few days, the skin surrounds the filament with collagen and thus strengthens their action and establishes an even more stable result. The face area will get its final form after one week but will continue to improve. Polylactic acid, from which threads are constructed, stimulates collagen production, thus showing a renewed appearance at a very short time period. The facelift without surgery lasts two years, but can be repeated after that period. In any case, over the years, your face will be in optimum condition, compared to not have taken this treatment at all.