Expression wrinkles are caused by contractions of facial muscles and reflect our every feeling of joy, sadness, denial, thinking, is a true reflection of what we feel. While we are still young these wrinkles seem charming, but as we get older that deepen and grow us old.

With the weapons currently available to the plastic surgeon, this situation is reversible, with the No1 product in the world in facing face wrnkles, which is the botulinum toxin injections or botox dysport!

They are safe and effective and are the perfect remedy for wrinkles. Botox achieves improvements in eliminating these wrinkles if you have acted precautionately to address them. In fact, Botox achieves immobilization of the moved muscle, blocking essentially nerve signals that cause wrinkles.

The results of treatment are perceived by the third day of treatment and absolutely apparent from the 15th where the review is determined by the doctor and lasts from 4-6 months.

If you are prone to the development of lines and expressions on the face leading to wrinkles, your plastic surgeon may also recommend the use of Botox as a preventative measure even after your 20 years. In this case, baby botox is used which means a preventive treatment employing botulinum botulinum toxin at a lower dose.

Some wrinkles also on the face caused by the weakening or immersing the soft tissue, including nasomalar grooves which extend from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth, and are generally better dealt with hyaluronic acid and occasionally Botox for their improvement.

The instructions are clear immediately after treatment of Botox and lead to the desired outcome and its retention:

  • For four hours you should not rub or press your skin, drink alcohol, or stoop or sleep.
  • For two days you should avoid heat ie blowdryer, sauna, hot water, sun, fireplace.
  • Use systematically high photoprotection.

In the hands of an experienced physician, the effect will meet your expectations, those being of a very natural face that maintains the expressiveness with great doses of youth.

Botulinum toxin is also used cosmetically to balance any facial asymmetry, the “chunky” neck that indicates aging and medically to reduce perspiration and for the treatment of migraine and headaches!